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EU H2020 HYPERGRYD - Hybrid coupled networks for thermal-electric integrated smart energy districts.

HYPERGRYD will develop a set of replicable and scalable cost-effective technical solutions for Thermal Grids, allowing the integration of RES and their coupling with the Electrical Grids. This includes the development of innovative key components, together with innovative ICT services.

The real-time management of both coupled electrical and thermal energy flows will be pursued by means of two main objectives:



  • The development and demonstration of Smart Energy Networks as the future of Energy Efficient DHC networks in synergy with the Electrical Grids

  • The development and demonstration of RES-based Enabling Technologies empowered by new ICT tools and services as the key for this evolution.



During the project, HYPERGRYD’s solutions will be implemented across 4 Live-In-the-Labs cases in 3 representative climates provided by the consortium, with special consideration to their cost-effectiveness and potential replicability.



The aim of the HiPowAR project is to promote the acceptance of ammonia as a synthetic fuel without CO2 emissions, encouraging the adoption of ammonia fuelling technologies.

“HiPowAR focuses on a breakthrough in the direct energy conversion from NH3 fuel to power. For that purpose, a new promising process based on a membrane reactor will be realized and characterized experimentally. The process is comparable to a fuel cell with an inner short circuit but without any typical electrical interconnections avoiding electrical losses,” presents the research team in the project proposal.

The HiPowAR project, which started in September 2020 and runs for 48 months, is comprised of a full analysis of the new method and its possible application in current energy market. The project coordinator and Head of Research Group “Materials for Energy Technology” at Leibniz-Institut für Plasmaforschung und Technologie, Dr. Angela Kruth, sums up the purpose of the project: 

“The EU research project HiPowAR (Highly Efficient Power Production By Green Ammonia Total Oxidation In A Membrane Reactor) aims to advance the implementation of ammonia as an economical synthetic fuel for stationary power application but also for emission-free shipping, aviation and heavy-duty mobility.”


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